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Did we ignite new sparks at our first #HOYB seminar?

We promised it will be an interesting time.

And for those of you who attended, we trust it indeed lived up to its billing if the testimonials at the end of the program are a tool to measure it by.

The #HeartOfYourBusiness free quarterly seminar was conceived to help plug knowledge gaps that start-ups, Micro, Small and Medium-sized (MSMEs) businesses in Nigeria face. These gaps have proved to be fatal in many cases, killing the dreams of budding entrepreneurs, putting more pressure on the labour market and for a country whose growth is tied to the fortunes of the MSME sector, negatively impacting the economy.

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From our blog this week

Colors and brands

What do you make of a soldier waving a white flag? Will you feel comfortable with a priest who wears a pink frock? Why do expectant parents shop for items in colour blue if they are expecting a male? Have you ever seen an angel painted black? What ethnic nation in Nigeria comes to mind when you see a black and white stripe cloth material?

These are many questions whose answers demonstrate that different colours evoke a variety of meanings, emotions and moods in different individuals and societies.  Similar colours symbolize completely different meanings in different societies; in China, red implies good luck and is used for weddings. In Russia, red means beautiful.

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